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1. How do I convert XML into a java value object?

What kind of open-source libraries are available to convert XML into a java value object? In .Net, there is a way to easily do this with xml serialization and attributes. I ...

2. EDI to XML Conversion

I'm searching for a free EDI to XML converter in Java. I need to convert EDI 940 to xml and convert XML to EDI 945. The catch is that this will ...

3. Java SGML to XML conversion?

Does anyone know of a method, or library, to convert SGML into XML? EDIT: For clarification, I have to do the conversion in Java, and I cannot use the SP parser or ...

4. XML to Java Object only using Java5 (no external libs)

normally I would use JaxB, XMLBeans or Simple to convert a XML file to a Java Object. In this case I can however only use Java5 and no external libraries (for several ...

5. How can I convert unsafe characters to safe characters for XML in Java?

I have Finnish characters in my text (for example ä, ö and å) that are unsafe in XML, is there any library/framwork for this purpose?

6. How can I convert a java.util.Date object to the restricted form of the canonical representation of dateTime

I need to convert a java.util.Date variable to a representation similar to the one below.

The format for this date field is of the form 1995-12-31T23:59:59Z, and is a ...

7. How to Generate Edifact message from a xml?

I'm currently dealing with customs messages Beans in Java. After filling in the Beans with different values, I want to produce an EDIFACT CUSDEC message corresponding to each message. For each attribute of ...

8. What is best practice in converting XML to Java object?

I need to convert XML data to Java objects. What would be best practice to convert this XML data to object? Idea is to fetch data via a web service (it doesn't ...

9. Java converting XML to Java objects

Whats the best way to convert XML into Java objects? I dont want a like for like representation but would like to pull out certain data from the XML and populate a ...

10. Code to convert the following xml code into cron expression using java


11. Convert XMl code to java code with expression


12. convert Java to XML using AEGIS

How to convert a class into xml with AEGIS? Can´t find tutorials on the web, only random code.

13. Converting xml attribute double quotes to single quotes (utility needed, pref java)

I have a seriously annoying problem. My company uses castor to marshall and unmarshall xml. I'm working on integrating with another company and it looks like their xml parser requires attributes ...

14. How can I convert From XML to Java and vice versa?

How can I convert from XML to Java classes and vice versa?

15. Alternatives to XPath for XML to Domain Object converter

Our Java application receives XML messages from a number of external systems and from these we want to create domain objects. We do not have schemas for these documents. Currently we ...

16. Convert Java code documentation to C#

I have to change a couple of jave method comments to C# comment syntax and I was searching for a tool which is able to do this conversion. Does anybody know ...

18. EDIFACT to XML conversion in Java

20. XML Processing, Converting and Rewriting XML

Hi The source XML to be converted to the following Target XML format. Requirement examples: Anand To be converted to: Anand and 20080216 To be converted to: 20080216 The above tags are two exmaples in the XML doc. Consider, the tag names will be generic. There may be some 150 different ...

21. converting java to xml

Hi , I have a list of object and using xstream i was able to convert the arraylist to xml. the resultant xml is as follows

1 Add 3 Form1 3 Form1 4 Form2 2 Delete 5 Form1 6 Form2 ...

22. Converting Xml to Java Object

Actually depends on how complex your xml is....if its very simple xml, then you can just parse the xml and create your object. If its complex, then JAXb would be a better option, for creating an xsd, there are tools available which make it simpler ( Altova's XMLSpy is a good option for free trial)

23. xml date conversion all date conversions

public static Date convertStringToDate(String inputDate, String pattern) throws ParseException{ SimpleDateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern); Date date = null; // Following method call is not thread-safe, // so synchronizing it synchronized( dateFormat ) { date = dateFormat.parse(inputDate); } return date; } public static String formatDateToString(Date date, String pattern){ SimpleDateFormat dateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(pattern); String dateString = dateFormat.format(date); return dateString; } public static ...

24. how to convert Java objects into xml?

25. need some tips in conversion to xml

27. javabeans to xml conversion

29. Help: need to convert beans into xml

30. how to convert Java Objects into xml?

31. xml to java conversion

i am required to develop an xml dom parser.i know only the basics of java and xml. Okay. i wanted to know how to accept an xml document in the java program. You are the one required to develop this parser, right? So this question must be about how to design the parser. In other words, how should your parser input ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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