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1. Can one validate marshalled XML with JAXB 2.0?

Apparently in version 2 of JAXB - the validator class has been deprecated - does this mean the marshaller is automatically validating your XML? If so it doesn't seem to ...

2. Anybody also epriences problems with JAXB validation, when XSD contains regular expression character class \w?

We are using JAXB 1.0.6 (the project has started with JDK1.4 and this is the last compatible version) to create XML-Files from a XSD specification. The XSD defines an attribute "email" ...

3. How to validate against schema in JAXB 2.0 without marshalling?

I need to validate my JAXB objects before marshalling to an XML file. Prior to JAXB 2.0, one could use a javax.xml.bind.Validator. But that has been deprecated so I'm ...

4. JAXB validation using annotations

If I have a simple class such as:-

public class MyClass
   private String myattribute
Is it possible to validate a corresponding xml document WITHOUT an xml schema i.e. ...

5. Validation using JAXB and Stax to marshal XML document

I have created an XML schema (foo.xsd) and used xjc to create my binding classes for JAXB. Let's say the root element is "collection" and I am writing N "document" ...

6. Validating against a Schema with JAXB

I've been looking for solutions to this problem for far too long considering how easy it sounds so I've come for some help. I have an XML Schema which I have used ...

7. backslash in regex in xsd with xjc (ant) and jaxb validation

I have the following regex type in my xsd file:

<xsd:simpleType name="Host">
    <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">

8. Why doesn't JAXB want to validate

  1. I wrote some Java classes and annotated them with the JAXB annotations.
  2. After that I used schemagen to generate an xsd.
  3. Then I build an object graph and marshalled it to a xml ...

9. Validate against javax bind annotations rather than schema

Been using latest JAXB Sun implementation but can rely on the XJC to generate correct annotations. Have several examples whereby the XJC doesn't attached XMLElement or XMLAttribute annotations for no ...

10. JAXB :: Validation of XML during Unmarshalling

JAXB Generated classes only capture the structural information from the XML schema that is used to generate the classes, but they ignore any additional constraints on the data e.g allowed set ...

11. XML Schema to validate XML Schemas?

Does anyone know if its possible to validate an XML schema with another XML schema? If so, is there a reference implementation out there? I would like to parse a Schema ...

12. Disable validation for jaxb 1 marshaller

How to disable the validation on marshaller for jaxb1?

13. JAXB 2.0 Validation not working

i am working on JAXB 2.0 and currently struck on the validation part as its not working as expected. below is the validation code

public void validateXMLToSchema(Unmarshaller ummarshaller,String xsdFileName) throws SAXException, JAXBException{

14. JAXB 2.0 Validation Question

While working with JAXB 2.0 i came across a query which i am unable to solve so far,while doing the validation i have 2 options 1) Either as soon as i found ...

15. How to define javax.validation.constraints.Size.List in my binding file using jaxb annotate and annox plugins?

I want to use JSR 303 Bean validation on my classes. My problem is that these classes are generated from schema. I am using the jaxb annotate plugin on my bindings ...

16. Jaxb 2.0 Schema validation problem

I am working with Jaxb 2.x and was trying to validate XML document with the given XSD using the following tutorial Tutorial Link hers is the code i have written


17. how to do validation with not well form XML while doing unmarshalling?

I have an unmarshaller along with an MySchema.xsd file.

    StreamSource sources = new StreamSource(getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("/xmlValidation.xsd"));
    SchemaFactory sf = SchemaFactory.newInstance( XMLConstants.W3C_XML_SCHEMA_NS_URI );
And make ...

18. Jaxb2 Custom Validation Messages, is possible?

Anyone knows how to do custom validation messages with JaxB 2.x? My need is know which tag or object property caused the error. I already have a custom ValidationEventHandler, but the ...

19. How to enable schema validation so that JAXB rejects empty element?

I have encountered a wiered JAXB parsing issue. I am using JAXB RI 2.x. I have enabled the schema validation using "unmarshaller.setSchema(schema)". However, if the XML contains an empty element, JAXB ...

20. How can I validate my XML using a schema, reading only one object/element at a time by JAXB's XMLStreamReader?

The code below works correctly to unmarshal XML from the stream one object at a time. But when I un-comment the unmarshaller.setSchema(schema) line the program throws an exception:

[org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-elt.1: Cannot ...

21. How can I generate Java objects with Bean Validation annotations from an XSD?

I'm writing an EJB as a contract first SOAP service and I generate the java classes and SEI from the WSDL. The WSDL specifies several types with constraints (max length, pattern, ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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