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1. Is it possible to use xpath in java to get the contents of a cdata node with HTML in it


<![CDATA[ Release Date: 11/20/09 <br />View Trailer ]]>
when I use inFeed.getXpath().evaluate("xml/level1/level2", myNodeList); I get "Release Date:11/20/09 View Trailer" I was under the impression that the whole point of CDATA is that it preserves ...

2. Problem referencing nodes directly when using XPath in Java

I've recently hit a wall with an issue with Java's native XML API (the W3C one) which at its core is that if I try to use a direct XPath expression ...

3. Is there a way to get a node value with xPath without this ugly somersault?

This is a java question, btw. I'm using xPath and everything works great until I get to the last point where I'm looking at the node set that I've sought and ...

4. Do XPath on a Node with Java

I have someNode and I'd like to do XPath on it like this:

XPath xpath = XPathFactory.newInstance().newXPath();
XPathExpression expr = xpath.compile("//name");
Object result = expr.evaluate(SOMETHING_ELSE, XPathConstants.NODE);
How can I turn someNode to SOMETHING_ELSE and do ...

5. Running XPath on child node

I'm trying to do a xpath lookup on nodes returned by xpath lookup, but it doesn't seem to work as I expected.XPaths executed on the child nodes of a document seem ...

6. Check if a node exist in XML using XPath in Java

I have different forms of XML that I must analyse,

So I want to build an XPath query depending of the type of the node (if it's an MI : XML_ITEMS = ...

7. lookup nodes with xpath in java

Can anybody suggest how can I solve this, there is XML document that I'm trying to append. I'm looking up nodes with xpath, the things is the software which generates this ...

8. Looping over nodes and extracting specific subnode values using Java's XPath

I understand from Googling that it makes more sense to extract data from XML using XPath than by using DOM looping. At the moment, I have implemented a solution using DOM, but ...

9. Xpath and VTD-XML, getting the node index

I'm using VTD-XML to parse some XML files with Xpath expressions, now following showed up: I need to know the index of a node from the xml tree, after a bit ...

10. fetching node values in groups using XPath

I have an XML of format

   <child name='a' />
   <child name='b' />
   <child name='c' />
   <child name='d' />
Now, i'm using XPath expression ...

11. Create a "sub-tree" NodeList given an explicit Node reference

I need to generate a NodeList that represents the entire sub-tree (including attributes, comments, and namespace declarations) of a given Node in my Document. Let's assume my document looked like this:

<?xml ...

12. Extract Multiple nodes using XPath

I would like to use XPath to extract the "ImageUID" element value (i.e.{7f2535d0-9a41-4997-9694-0a4de569e6d9}) and the "URL128" element value (i.e. from an xml string like below. There can ...

13. Get full path to node (Java XPath)?

14. How to retrieve a node using xpath in java

Hi, I need to make an application in which on click of a button an xml is displayed on the browser. Now when a user selects a node in the xml then i need the xpath of the selected node for some processing. How to retrieve the xpath. I am using Struts framework.

15. retrieve XPath of a node : Urgent

Hey guys, I have a small problem. I have an application in which a XML is displayed in browser and when user selects a node i want the XPath of that node. I got a handy javascript utility to do the same but it is not very efficient. Can anybody tellme how to do it. Thanks  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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