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Directive           Description
Assembly            Links an assembly to the Page or user control for which it is associated.
Control             For using with user controls (.ascx). 
Implements          Implements a specified .NET Framework interface.
Import              Imports namespaces into the Page or user control.
Master              Set master page. It be used only with master pages (.master). 
MasterType          Associates a class name to a Page in order to get at strongly typed references.
OutputCache         Controls the output caching policies of a Page or user control.
Page                Enables you to specify page specific attributes and values to use when the page parses or compiles. 
PreviousPageType    Enables an ASP.NET page to work with a postback from another page in the application.
Reference           Links a Page or user control to the current Page or user control.
Register            Associates aliases with namespaces and class names for notation in custom server control syntax.

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