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You can add declarative information to a program by using an attribute.

An attribute defines additional information that is associated with a class, structure, method, and so on.

  1. An attribute is supported by a class that inherits System.Attribute.
  2. All attribute classes must be subclasses of System.Attribute.
  3. This built-in attribute AttributeUsage specifies the types of items to which the attribute can be applied.
using System.Diagnostics;

class MainClass
    public void Validate()

C# defines three built-in attributes:

  1. AttributeUsage,
  2. Conditional,
  3. Obsolete.

10.1.1.Use Attributes to mark a method
10.1.2.Assembly-Level Attributes
10.1.3.Custom Attributes
10.1.4.Providing an Attribute Constructor
10.1.5.Retrieving a Specific Attribute and Checking Its Initialization
10.1.6.Saving a Document Using System.SerializableAttribute