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#include <iostream> 
using namespace std; 
class BaseClass1 { 
  int x; 
  void showx() { cout << x << "\n"; } 
class BaseClass2 { 
  int y; 
  void showy() { cout << y << "\n"; } 
// Inherit multiple base classes. 
class DerivedClass: public BaseClass1, public BaseClass2 { 
  /* x and y are accessible because they are 
     protected in BaseClass1 and BaseClass2, not private. */ 
  void set(int i, int j) { x = i; y = j; } 
int main() 
  DerivedClass ob; 
  ob.set(10, 20); // provided by DerivedClass 
  ob.showx();     // from BaseClass1 
  ob.showy();     // from BaseClass2 
  return 0; 

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