Converts an Integer to a boolean specifying the conversion values. : Boolean « Data Type « Java Tutorial

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 * Operations on boolean primitives and Boolean objects.
 * This class tries to handle <code>null</code> input gracefully.
 * An exception will not be thrown for a <code>null</code> input.
 * Each method documents its behaviour in more detail.
 * @author Stephen Colebourne
 * @author Matthew Hawthorne
 * @author Gary Gregory
 * @since 2.0
 * @version $Id: 589050 2007-10-27 05:07:45Z bayard $
public class Main {
   * Converts an Integer to a boolean specifying the conversion values.
   * <pre>
   *   BooleanUtils.toBoolean(new Integer(0), new Integer(1), new Integer(0)) = false
   *   BooleanUtils.toBoolean(new Integer(1), new Integer(1), new Integer(0)) = true
   *   BooleanUtils.toBoolean(new Integer(2), new Integer(1), new Integer(2)) = false
   *   BooleanUtils.toBoolean(new Integer(2), new Integer(2), new Integer(0)) = true
   *   BooleanUtils.toBoolean(null, null, new Integer(0))                     = true
   * </pre>
   * @param value  the Integer to convert
   * @param trueValue  the value to match for <code>true</code>,
   *  may be <code>null</code>
   * @param falseValue  the value to match for <code>false</code>,
   *  may be <code>null</code>
   * @return <code>true</code> or <code>false</code>
   * @throws IllegalArgumentException if no match
  public static boolean toBoolean(Integer value, Integer trueValue, Integer falseValue) {
      if (value == null) {
          if (trueValue == null) {
              return true;
          } else if (falseValue == null) {
              return false;
      } else if (value.equals(trueValue)) {
          return true;
      } else if (value.equals(falseValue)) {
          return false;
      // no match
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("The Integer did not match either specified value");

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