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public class MainClass {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Integer n1 = new Integer(47);
    Integer n2 = new Integer(47);

2.6.1.Java int:int is 32 bit signed type ranges from –2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647.
2.6.2.Integer: MAX, MIN VALUE
2.6.3.The number of bits used to represent an int value in two's complement binary form.
2.6.4.Bit manipulation methods in Integer: bitCount
2.6.5.Highest one bit: 128
2.6.6.Create an Integer object
2.6.7.Integer.lowestOneBit(n), Integer.numberOfLeadingZeros(n), Integer.numberOfTrailingZeros(n)
2.6.8.Integer: rotate Left
2.6.9.Integer signum() returns
2.6.10.Integer.reverseBytes( ) reverses the order of the bytes in num and returns the result
2.6.11.Read Integers from console and calculate
2.6.12.Compare integers using if statements, relational operators and equality operators
2.6.13.Shifted and scaled random integers
2.6.14.Equals Method
2.6.16.Convert an int value to String: Integer.toString(i)
2.6.17.Convert an int value to String: new Integer(i).toString()
2.6.18.Convert a String to int
2.6.19.Convert an int value to String: concatenate string to an int value
2.6.20.Convert hexadecimal number to decimal number
2.6.21.Convert octal number to decimal number
2.6.22.Convert binary number to decimal number
2.6.23.Convert decimal integer to octal number
2.6.24.Convert decimal integer to hexadecimal number
2.6.25.Convert from integer to String
2.6.26.Convert from String to integer
2.6.27.Convert from decimal to binary
2.6.28.Convert from decimal to hexadecimal
2.6.29.Convert from decimal to hexadecimal with leading zeroes and uppercase
2.6.30.Convert from Byte array to hexadecimal string
2.6.31.Convert a byte array to a Hex string
2.6.32.Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal
2.6.33.Convert Decimal to Octal
2.6.34.Convert Decimal to Binary
2.6.35.Convert string to an integer or number
2.6.36.Parse and format a number to octal
2.6.37.Parse and format a number to decimal
2.6.38.Parse and format to hexadecimal
2.6.39.Parse and format to arbitrary radix <= Character.MAX_RADIX
2.6.40.To catch illegal number conversion, try using the try/catch mechanism.
2.6.41.Pass an integer by reference
2.6.42.Compare Two Java int Arrays
2.6.43.Reverse an Integer