For a float value x, this method returns +1.0F if x >= 0 and -1.0F if x < 0. Returns NaN if x is NaN. : Float « Data Type « Java Tutorial


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public class Main {

   * For a float value x, this method returns +1.0F if x >= 0 and -1.0F if x <
   * 0. Returns <code>NaN</code> if <code>x</code> is <code>NaN</code>.
   * @param x the value, a float
   * @return +1.0F or -1.0F, depending on the sign of x
  public static float indicator(final float x) {
      if (Float.isNaN(x)) {
          return Float.NaN;
      return (x >= 0.0F) ? 1.0F : -1.0F;

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