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  1. The basic operators in calculations are +, -, *, and /. They have the usual meanings: add, subtract, multiply, and divide, respectively.
  2. Using parentheses in arithmetic calculations to change the sequence of operations.
public class MainClass{

  public static void main(String[] argv){
    int a = (20 - 3) * (3 - 9) / 3;
    int b = 20 - 3 * 3 - 9 / 3;    


2.3.Integer Data Type
2.3.1.Integer Data Types in Java: memory and length
2.3.2.Integer Calculations
2.3.3.Add two integers, checking for overflow.
2.3.4.Multiply two integers, checking for overflow.
2.3.5.Subtract two integers, checking for overflow.
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2.3.7.Min and Max values of datatype int
2.3.8.Hexadecimal Numbers and its corresponding Decimal and binary value
2.3.9.Gets the maximum of three int values.
2.3.10.Gets the minimum of three int values.
2.3.11.Given an integer, return a string that is in an approximate, but human readable format array to byte array