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import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Set;

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public class Main {
   * @param wrapper
   *          a primitive wrapper type
   * @return primitive type the passed in wrapper type corresponds to
  public static Class getPrimitive(Class wrapper) {
    Class primitive;
    if (Integer.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = int.class;
    } else if (Long.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = long.class;
    } else if (Double.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = double.class;
    } else if (Boolean.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = boolean.class;
    } else if (Short.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = short.class;
    } else if (Float.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = float.class;
    } else if (Byte.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = byte.class;
    } else if (Character.class == wrapper) {
      primitive = char.class;
    } else {
      throw new IllegalArgumentException("The class is not a primitive wrapper type: " + wrapper);
    return primitive;

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