The For-Each Version of the for Loop : For Each Loop « Statement Control « Java Tutorial

The general form of the for-each version of the for is shown here:

for(type itr-var : iterableObj) statement-block

The object referred to by iterableObj must be an array or an object that implements the new Iterable interface.

4.7.For Each Loop
4.7.1.The For-Each Version of the for Loop
4.7.2.The for-each loop is essentially read-only
4.7.3.The for each loop for an enum data type
4.7.4.Using the For-Each Loop with Collections: ArrayList
4.7.5.Use a for-each style for loop
4.7.6.Using 'for each' to loop through array
4.7.7.Iterating over Multidimensional Arrays: Use for-each style for on a two-dimensional array
4.7.8.Using break with a for-each-style for