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 * $Revision: 1.1 $
 * $Date: 2005/02/11 05:02:25 $
 * $State: Exp $
 * Class:                   MathUtil
 * Description:             Utility mathematical methods
 * This software module was originally developed by Raphal Grosbois and
 * Diego Santa Cruz (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-EPFL); Joel
 * Askelf (Ericsson Radio Systems AB); and Bertrand Berthelot, David
 * Bouchard, Flix Henry, Gerard Mozelle and Patrice Onno (Canon Research
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 * derivative works of this software module.
 * Copyright (c) 1999/2000 JJ2000 Partners.
 * */

 * This class contains a collection of utility methods fro mathematical
 * operations. All methods are static.
 * */
public class MathUtil {

     * Method that calculates the floor of the log, base 2,
     * of 'x'. The calculation is performed in integer arithmetic,
     * therefore, it is exact.
     * @param x The value to calculate log2 on.
     * @return floor(log(x)/log(2)), calculated in an exact way.
     * */
    public static int log2(int x) {
        int y,v;
        // No log of 0 or negative
        if (x <= 0) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException(""+x+" <= 0");
        // Calculate log2 (it's actually floor log2)
        v = x;
        y = -1;
        while (v>0) {
            v >>=1;
        return y;


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