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System propertyDescription
java.versionJava Runtime Environment version
java.vendorJava Runtime Environment vendor
java.vendor.urlJava vendor URL
java.homeJava installation directory
java.vm.specification.versionJava Virtual Machine specification version
java.vm.specification.vendorJava Virtual Machine specification vendor
java.vm.specification.nameJava Virtual Machine specification name
java.vm.versionJava Virtual Machine implementation version
java.vm.vendorJava Virtual Machine implementation vendor
java.vm.nameJava Virtual Machine implementation name
java.specification.versionJava Runtime Environment specification version
java.specification.vendorJava Runtime Environment specification vendor
java.specification.nameJava Runtime Environment specification name
java.class.versionJava class format version number
java.class.pathJava class path
java.library.pathList of paths to search when loading libraries temp file path
java.compilerName of JIT compiler to use
java.ext.dirsPath of extension directory or directories
os.nameOperating system name
os.archOperating system architecture
os.versionOperating system version
file.separatorFile separator ('/' on UNIX)
path.separatorPath separator (':' on UNIX)
line.separatorLine separator ('\n' on UNIX)
user.nameUser's account name
user.homeUser's home directory
user.dirUser's current working directory

6.2.System Properties
6.2.1.Java system properties
6.2.2.Using System.getProperty(String key) to retrieve system properties
6.2.3.Accessing a single System Properties: user.dir
6.2.4.Getting the Default System Properties
6.2.5.Setting System Properties
6.2.6.Create a user-defined property or change the value of the current property
6.2.7.Determine operating system using System class
6.2.8.Get Java specification version using System class
6.2.9.Get system properties using System class
6.2.10.Loading Native Code
6.2.11.Set a system property
6.2.12.Setting the Value of a System Property from the Command Line: add -D option to the java command when running your program.
6.2.13.Get Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version
6.2.14.Get user home directory name
6.2.15.Get operating system name and version
6.2.16.Get file separator symbol
6.2.17.Get path / classpath separator
6.2.18.Get Java Home directory
6.2.19.Get username of system current user
6.2.20.Clear system property: The System.clearProperty() method available in Java 1.5
6.2.21.Get operating system temporary directory / folder
6.2.22.Get Environment Variables
6.2.23.Terminate a Java application
6.2.24.System.setProperty("apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar", "true")
6.2.25.Emit a beep by printing the ASCII Bell character to the console
6.2.26.Returns a default value if the specified property does not exist