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  1. Using StringBuffer and StringBuilder to transform strings frequently: adding, deleting, or replacing substrings in a string.
  2. Operations will be faster and easier using mutable objects.
  3. All the operations in the context of StringBuffer are available with the StringBuilder class, which will be faster but not thread-safe.

6.15.StringBuffer StringBuilder
6.15.1.StringBuffer and StringBuilder
6.15.2.You can also create a StringBuffer object using a reference stored in a variable of type String:
6.15.3.Creating a String Object From a StringBuffer Object
6.15.4.Creating a StringBuffer object with a specific value for the capacity
6.15.5.Check the capacity of StringBuilder object
6.15.6.Adding String to a StringBuffer Object
6.15.7.The append() method returns a reference to the extended StringBuffer object
6.15.8.Calling append() method to construct a StringBuffer object
6.15.9.Appending a Substring: append part of the aString object to the buf object
6.15.10.Appending Basic Types: long, double
6.15.11.Appending a subset of the elements from a char array
6.15.12.StringBuffer methods charAt, setCharAt, getChars and reverse
6.15.13.StringBuffer methods insert, delete and deleteCharAt
6.15.14.Convert digit to character with Character.forDigit
6.15.15.Inserting Strings
6.15.16.The Length of a StringBuffer Object
6.15.17.Changing the StringBufer Length for a StringBuffer Object
6.15.18.To find out a StringBuffer object's capacity
6.15.19.The ensureCapacity() method changes the default capacity of a StringBuffer object
6.15.20.Finding the Position of a Substring
6.15.21.Specifying the index position in the buffer where the search is to start
6.15.22.Replacing a Substring in the Buffer
6.15.23.Extracting Characters From a Mutable String: charAt() and getChars() methods
6.15.24.Changing a single character in a StringBuffer object
6.15.25.Using the deleteCharAt() method to remove a character from a StringBuffer object at the index position
6.15.26.Removing several characters from a StringBuffer object
6.15.27.Remove substring from StringBuilder
6.15.28.Deletes text from the StringBuilder object
6.15.29.Reversing the sequence of characters in a StringBuffer object with the reverse() method