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The printf( ) method automatically uses Formatter to create a formatted string.

The printf( ) method is defined by both PrintStream and PrintWriter.

For PrintStream, printf( ) has these forms:

  1. PrintStream printf(String fmtString, Object ... args)
  2. PrintStream printf(Local loc, String fmtString, Object ... args)

The first version writes args to standard output in the format specified by fmtString, using the default locale.

The second lets you specify a locale.

6.14.printf Method
6.14.1.Using Java's printf( ) Method
6.14.2.Demonstrate printf()
6.14.3.printf to command line summary
6.14.4.Formatting Numerical Data:
6.14.5.Specifying the Width and Precision
6.14.6.Formatting Characters and Strings
6.14.7.output a % character
6.14.8.Formatting Data into a String
6.14.9.Formatting a string and Ouputing to console
6.14.10.Formated System.out.printf
6.14.11.localized day name: %tA/%TA
6.14.12.localized, abbreviated day: %ta/%Ta
6.14.13.two-digit century: %tC/%TC
6.14.14.four digit year: %tY/%TY
6.14.15.two-digit year: %ty/%Ty
6.14.16.three-digit day of the year: %tj/%Tj
6.14.17.two-digit month: %tm/%Tm
6.14.18.two-digit day of the month: %td/%Td
6.14.19.a one-or-two-digit day of the month: %te/%Te
6.14.20.hours and minutes on a 24-hour clock: %tR/%TR
6.14.21.hours, minutes, and seconds on a 24-hour clock: %tT/%TT
6.14.22.hours, minutes, and seconds on a 12-hour clock: %tr/%Tr
6.14.23.month/day/year: %tD/%TD
6.14.24.ISO 8601 standard date: %tF/%TF
6.14.25.Unix date format: %tc/%Tc
6.14.26.Decimal: %f
6.14.27.Scientific notation: %e (lower case e)
6.14.28.Scientific notation: %E (upper case E)
6.14.29.Decimal/Scientific: %g (lower case g)
6.14.30.Decimal/Scientific: %G (upper case G)
6.14.31.Lowercase Hexadecimal: %a
6.14.32.Uppercase Hexadecimal: %A
6.14.33.Decimal: %d
6.14.34.Octal: %o
6.14.35.Lowercase hexadecimal: %x
6.14.36.Uppercase hexadecimal: %X
6.14.37.Output URL: %b (lower case b)
6.14.38.Output URL: %B (upper case B)
6.14.39.Hashcode: %h (lower case h)
6.14.40.HASHCODE: %H (upper case H)
6.14.41.STRING: %S (upper case S)
6.14.42.string: %s (lower case s)
6.14.43.Using the integral conversion characters
6.14.44.Using floating-point conversion characters
6.14.45.Using character and string conversion characters.
6.14.46.Conversion characters for date/time compositions
6.14.47.Conversion characters for date
6.14.48.Conversion characters for time
6.14.49.Using the b, B, h, H, % and n conversion characters.
6.14.50.Right justifying integers in fields: Field Width
6.14.51.Using precision for floating-point numbers and strings
6.14.52.Right justifying and left justifying values
6.14.53.Printing numbers with and without the + flag
6.14.54.Printing a space before non-negative values
6.14.55.Using the # flag with conversion characters o and x
6.14.56.Printing with the 0 (zero) flag fills in leading zeros
6.14.57.Using the comma (,) flag to display numbers with thousands separator
6.14.58.Using the ( flag to place parentheses around negative numbers
6.14.59.Reordering output with argument indices.
6.14.60.Two digit hour on a 24-hour clock: %tH/%TH
6.14.61.two digit hour on a 12-hour clock: %tI/%TI digit hour on a 24-hour clock: %tk/%Tk digit hour on a 12-hour: %tl/%Tl
6.14.64.two digit minutes ranging from 00 to 59: %tH / %TH
6.14.65.two digit seconds ranging from 00 to 60 : %tS/%TS
6.14.66.milliseconds: %tL/%TL
6.14.67.nanoseconds: %tN/%TN
6.14.68.Locale-specific morning/afternoon indicator: %tp/%Tp
6.14.69.RFC 822 numeric time zone indicator: %tz/%Tz
6.14.70.Time zone abbreviation: %tZ/%TZ
6.14.71.seconds since the epoch: %ts/%Ts
6.14.72.milliseconds since the epoch: %TQ
6.14.73.localized month name: %tB/%TB
6.14.74.localized, abbreviated month: %tb/%Tb
6.14.75.localized, abbreviated month: %th/%Th