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import java.util.List;

public final class ReflectionUtil {
  private static void getPackageNamesFromDir(File base, File dir, List<String> pkgs) {
    boolean foundClass = false;
    for (File file : dir.listFiles()) {
      if (file.isDirectory()) {
        getPackageNamesFromDir(base, file, pkgs);
      } else if (!foundClass && file.getName().endsWith(".class")) {
        foundClass = true;
        String pkg = "";
        file = dir;
        while (!file.equals(base)) {
          if (!"".equals(pkg)) {
            pkg = "." + pkg;
          pkg = file.getName() + pkg;
          file = file.getParentFile();
        if (!pkgs.contains(pkg)) {

  private static String getPackageName(String clzName) {
    if (clzName.indexOf("/") == -1) {
      return null;
    String packageName = clzName.substring(0, clzName.lastIndexOf("/"));
    return packageName.replace("/", ".");

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