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import java.util.regex.Pattern;

 * A collection of utilities relating to InetAddresses.
public class InetAddressUtils {

    private InetAddressUtils() {
    private static final Pattern IPV4_PATTERN = 

    private static final Pattern IPV6_STD_PATTERN = 

    private static final Pattern IPV6_HEX_COMPRESSED_PATTERN = 

    public static boolean isIPv4Address(final String input) {
        return IPV4_PATTERN.matcher(input).matches();

    public static boolean isIPv6StdAddress(final String input) {
        return IPV6_STD_PATTERN.matcher(input).matches();
    public static boolean isIPv6HexCompressedAddress(final String input) {
        return IPV6_HEX_COMPRESSED_PATTERN.matcher(input).matches();
    public static boolean isIPv6Address(final String input) {
        return isIPv6StdAddress(input) || isIPv6HexCompressedAddress(input); 


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