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BigDecimalNumerical (signed)
BigIntegerNumerical (signed)
ByteNumerical (signed)
CharacterNumerical (unsigned)
CollationKeyAlphabetical, by locale
DoubleNumerical (signed)
FileAlphabetical of path
FloatNumerical (signed)
IntegerNumerical (signed)
LongNumerical (signed)
ObjectStreamFieldAlphabetical of type string
ShortNumerical (signed)

9.40.Comparator Interface
9.40.1.System-Defined Comparable Classes
9.40.2.Writing Your own Comparator
9.40.3.Getting reverse order comparator
9.40.4.Implementing a Comparator for a class
9.40.5.Use a custom comparator.
9.40.6.Sort an array of strings in reverse order.
9.40.7.Sort an array of strings, ignore case difference.
9.40.8.Use a comparator to sort accounts by last name.
9.40.9.Comparator uses a Collator to determine the proper, case-insensitive lexicographical ordering of two strings.
9.40.10.Calendar Comparator
9.40.11.Invertible Comparator