The Collections Framework consists of three parts : Collections Framework « Collections « Java Tutorial

  1. interfaces, the abstract data types that the framework supports.
  2. implementations, the concrete versions of these interfaces.
  3. algorithms, the predefined actions that can be defined on either the interfaces or their implementations.
  1. All implementations are unsynchronized.
  2. All implementations are serializable and cloneable
  3. All implementations support having null elements.

The predefined algorithms for supporting the framework are found in the Collections and Arrays classes.

9.1.Collections Framework
9.1.1.The Collections Framework consists of three parts
9.1.2.Framework Interfaces
9.1.3.Interface type and its implementation
9.1.4.Conversion of different Collection data types
9.1.5.Making Your Objects Comparable and Sortable
9.1.6.Using Comparable and Comparator
9.1.7.Deep clone collection: Returns a new collection containing clones of all the items in the specified collection.