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A TreeMap is a map that maintains its keys ordered within a balanced, red-black tree.

Creating a TreeMap

  1. public TreeMap(): creates an empty TreeMap
  2. public TreeMap(Map map): the standard copy constructor
  3. public TreeMap(Comparator comp): defines a custom sort order
  4. public TreeMap(SortedMap map): accepts a SortedMap for an optimized copy constructor

9.29.1.TreeMap Class
9.29.2.Viewing Sub Maps
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9.29.6.Check if a particular value exists in TreeMap
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9.29.8.Get lowest and highest key stored in TreeMap
9.29.9.Get Set view of Keys from TreeMap
9.29.10.Get TreeMap Size
9.29.11.Get Sub Map from TreeMap
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9.29.13.Iterate through the values of TreeMap
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9.29.15.Remove value from TreeMap
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