In general, to use Scanner, follow this procedure : Scanner « File « Java Tutorial

  1. Call one of Scanner's hasNextXXX methods to see if the input is available
  2. If available, call Scanner's nextXXX to read the input.
  3. Repeat first two steps.
Scanner conin = new Scanner(;
int i;

// Read a list of integers. 
while(conin.hasNextInt()) {
  i = conin.nextInt();
  // ...

11.54.1.Using Scanner to receive user input
11.54.2.Using Scanner: the complement of Formatter
11.54.3.In general, to use Scanner, follow this procedure
11.54.4.Creating a Scanner: read from standard input: Scanner conin = new Scanner(
11.54.5.Creating a Scanner to read from a string
11.54.6.Using Scanner to read several different unknown types of data
11.54.7.Setting Delimiters for Scanner
11.54.8.To obtain the current delimiter pattern: Pattern delimiter( )
11.54.9.Searching for the specified pattern within the next line of text
11.54.10.To find within the next count characters