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  1. Reader is an abstract class that represents an input stream for reading characters.
  2. You use the Reader class to read text (characters, i.e. human readable data).
  3. The two implementation classes of Reader are InputStreamReader and BufferedReader.

The Reader class has three read method overloads that are similar to the read methods in InputStream:

public int read()
public int read (char[] data)
public int read (char[] data, int offset, int length)
public int read(java.nio.CharBuffer target)

11.29.1.Read and return the entire contents of the supplied Reader. This method always closes the reader when finished reading.
11.29.2.Read from Reader and write to Writer until there is no more input from reader.
11.29.3.Reads characters available from the Reader and returns these characters as a String object.
11.29.4.Transfers all characters that can be read from one Reader to another Reader
11.29.5.Writes all characters from a Reader to a file using the default character encoding.
11.29.6.convert Reader to InputStream
11.29.7.Compare the contents of two Readers to determine if they are equal or not.
11.29.8.An InputStream backed by a Reader
11.29.9.Reader: Reading Text (Characters)
11.29.10.UTF8 Reader
11.29.11.CRLF Terminated Reader