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Internationalizing and localizing your applications require you to

  1. Isolating textual components into properties files
  2. Be able to select and reading the correct properties file
  1. Isolating Textual Components into Properties Files
  2. Stores the textual elements in a separate properties file for each locale.
  3. Each file contains key/value pairs.
  4. Each key uniquely identifies a locale-specific object.
  5. Keys are always strings, and values can be strings or any other type of object.

For example, to support American English, German, and Chinese you will have three properties files, all of which have the same keys. The following is the English version of the properties file.

greetings = Hello
farewell = Goodbye

The German version would be as follows:

greetings = Hallo
farewell = Tschub

And the properties file for the Chinese language is as follows:


13.6.1.Internationalizing Applications