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  1. A JLabel represents a label, i.e. a display area for non-editable text.
  2. A JLabel can display both text and images.
  3. It can even render HTML tags so that you can create a JLabel that displays multicolors or multiline text.

The javax.swing.JLabel class has the following constructors.

public JLabel ()
public JLabel (java.lang.String text)
public JLabel (java.lang.String text, int horizontalAlignment)
public JLabel (Icon image)
public JLabel (Icon image, int horizontalAlignment)
public JLabel (Java.lang.String text, Icon icon, int horizontalAlignment)

The value of horizontalAlignment is one of the following:

  1. SwingConstants.LEFT
  2. SwingConstants.CENTER
  3. SwingConstants.RIGHT
  4. SwingConstants.LEADING
  5. SwingConstants.TRAILING

If you want to use multifonts or multicolors in a JLabel, you can pass HTML tags,

A JLabel subclass is used as the default renderer for each of the JList, JComboBox, JTable, and JTree components.

Alignments have an effect only if there's extra space for the layout manager to position the component.

14.3.2.Create JLabel component
14.3.3.Create a JLabel with an image icon
14.3.4.JLabel is for displaying text, images or both. It does not react to input events.
14.3.5.Horizontal Alignment: CENTER
14.3.6.Vertical Alignment: CENTER
14.3.7.Horizontal Alignment: LEFT
14.3.8.Vertical Alignment: TOP
14.3.9.Horizontal Alignment: RIGHT
14.3.10.Vertical Alignment: BOTTOM
14.3.11.The text is horizontally and vertically centered
14.3.12.The text is right-justified and vertically centered
14.3.13.The text is left-justified and top-aligned
14.3.14.The text is right-justified and top-aligned
14.3.15.The text is left-justified and bottom-aligned
14.3.16.The text is right-justified and bottom-aligned
14.3.17.Add Icon to JLabelAdd Icon to JLabel
14.3.18.Mix Icon and text in JLabelMix Icon and text in JLabel
14.3.19.Set Font and foreground color for a JLabelSet Font and foreground color for a JLabel
14.3.20.Load image from disk file and add it to a JLabelLoad image from disk file and add it to a JLabel
14.3.21.Using JLabel Mnemonics: Interconnect a specific JLabel and JTextField.Using JLabel Mnemonics: Interconnect a specific JLabel and JTextField.
14.3.22.Using a JLabel and pass in HTML for the textUsing a JLabel and pass in HTML for the text
14.3.23.Multiline label (HTML)
14.3.24.JLabel with more than one row
14.3.25.A simple Bean which extends JLabel
14.3.26.Add JLabel to JScrollPane
14.3.27.Disable a label
14.3.28.Unicode with Label
14.3.29.Customizing a JLabel Look and Feel
14.3.30.Associate JLabel component with a JTextField
14.3.31.Setting the Focus of a JTextField Component Using a JLabel Component
14.3.32.JLabel with lined border
14.3.33.A Label that uses inline HTML to format its text
14.3.34.A label with no indication it has been clicked
14.3.35.Adding Drag-and-Drop Support to a JLabel Component
14.3.36.Have a Label with underlined text
14.3.37.Multi Line Label
14.3.38.Vertical Label UI
14.3.39.Time panel shows the current time.
14.3.40.URL Label
14.3.41.Hyperlink Label
14.3.42.Gradient Label