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JPasswordFielda specialized text field for password entry
JEditorPane and JTextPaneprovide support for displaying and editing multiple-attributed content, such as an HTML and RTF.
JSpinnerprovides selection from an ordered set of predefined values
JToggleButtonoffers a button that stays depressed when selected.
JSliderlike the Scrollbar component, offers various clues to help the user choose a value.
JProgressBarallows the user to visually see the progress of an activity.
JFormattedTextFieldprovides help for the input of formatted text, like numeric values, phone numbers
JTabledisplays two-dimensional row and column information
JTreesupports the display of hierarchical data.
JToolTipoffers useful tips.
JToolBaroffers a draggable toolbar
JRadioButtonMenuItema radio button menu component.
JSeparatorThe menu's separator bar
JDesktopPane and JInternalFrameThis pair of components are for Windows Multiple Document Interface (MDI).
JOptionPanecreates pop-up windows with varied content,
JColorChooserfor choosing a color
JSplitPaneplaces multiple components in a window with draggable divider.
JTabbedPanetabbed panel

14.1.Swing Introduction
14.1.1.Swing MVC
14.1.2.Swing components
14.1.3.Understanding the Predefined Data Models: Swing Component Models
14.1.4.Small Swing ApplicationSmall Swing Application
14.1.5.Swing Constants
14.1.6.Swing Worker from JDK 6 SE
14.1.7.Get position of component