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One complexity-busting side effect when using AbstractAction is that it lets you disable the Action with setEnabled(false), which, in turn, will disable all components created from it.

NAMEAction name, used as button label
SMALL_ICONIcon for the Action, used as button label
SHORT_DESCRIPTIONShort description of the Action; could be used as tooltip text, but not by default
LONG_DESCRIPTIONLong description of the Action; could be used for accessibility (see Chapter 22)
ACCELERATORKeyStroke string; can be used as the accelerator for the Action
ACTION_COMMAND_KEYInputMap key; maps to the Action in the ActionMap of the associated JComponent
MNEMONIC_KEYKey code; can be used as mnemonic for action
DEFAULTUnused constant that could be used for your own property

15.3.1.AbstractAction Lookup Property Keys
15.3.2.Creating an Action
15.3.3.Action Usage ExampleAction Usage Example
15.3.4.extends AbstractActionextends AbstractAction
15.3.5.Disable an ActionDisable an Action
15.3.6.Get and set Action Command
15.3.7.Register action
15.3.8.ActionMap javax.swing.JComponent.getActionMap()
15.3.9.Map actions with keystrokes
15.3.10.Enabling an Action
15.3.11.Listing the Actions in a Component