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ActionEventThis is an event that indicates a component-defined action occurred, such as clicking a button.
AdjustmentEventemitted by adjustable objects
AncestorEventIt tells a child component that an event occurred with one of the parent components.
ComponentEventindicates a component moved, changed size, became visible or invisible, etc. This event is for notification purposes only.
HierarchyEventThis event indicates some change to the component hierarchy to which a component belongs.
InputMethodEventThis event fires when text is entered into an appropriate component. Anytime the text changes, for any reason, the input method sends an event.
InternalFrameEventIt is an AWTEvent that adds support for JInternalFrame objects as the event source. It has the same event types as WindowEvent.
InvocationEventThis event will execute the run() method on a Runnable when dispatched by the AWT event dispatcher thread.
ItemEventThis event indicates that an item was selected or deselected. You will see this associated frequently with list boxes.
TextEventThis event indicates that an object's text changed.

15.1.1.In the event model, there are three participants
15.1.2.Subclasses of AWTEvent
15.1.3.ActionEvent Example with One Button That Demonstrates Sources, Events, and Their ListenersActionEvent Example with One Button That Demonstrates Sources, Events, and Their Listeners
15.1.4.Enabling Other Low-level Events
15.1.5.Event maskEvent mask
15.1.6.Managing Listener Lists with AWTEventMulticasterManaging Listener Lists with AWTEventMulticaster
15.1.7.Semantic Events
15.1.8.Semantic Event Listeners
15.1.9.Managing Listener Lists with EventListenerListManaging Listener Lists with EventListenerList
15.1.10.Writing a Listener as an Anonymous ClassWriting a Listener as an Anonymous Class
15.1.11.Writing a listener as a nested class
15.1.12.Creating a Custom Event
15.1.13.Event object has information about an event, that has happened.
15.1.14.implements AWTEventListener java.awt.AWTEvent.getID()
15.1.16.Event source and listener
15.1.17.Process On Swing Event Thread