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  1. Provide visual organization and structure.
  2. A Group can display some text along its top, specified by the setText() method.
  3. A Group derives from Composite, and it can contain other widgets.

Group Styles:

SWT.SHADOW_ETCHED_INCreates a Group with the "etched in" shadow style.
SWT.SHADOW_ETCHED_OUTCreates a Group with the "etched out" shadow style.
SWT.SHADOW_INCreates a Group with the "in" shadow style, which isn't necessarily popular.
SWT.SHADOW_OUTCreates a Group with the "out" shadow style.
SWT.SHADOW_NONECreates a Group with no shadow style.
SWT.NO_RADIO_GROUPCreate a Group without grouping radio button

17.22.1.Introducing Group
17.22.2.Create Shadow in GroupCreate Shadow in Group
17.22.3.Add Radio Buttons to a GroupAdd Radio Buttons to a Group
17.22.4.Create a Group without grouping Radio Buttons (SWT.NO_RADIO_GROUP)Create a Group without grouping Radio Buttons (SWT.NO_RADIO_GROUP)
17.22.5.Add image to GroupAdd image to Group