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CTabFolder and CTabItem add flexibility to the standard tabs.

Description                                   TabFolder/TabItem      CTabFolder/CTabItem

Tab position                                  On top or on bottom    On top or on bottom

Supports text                                 Yes                    Yes

Supports tool tips                            Yes                    Yes

Supports images                               Yes                    Yes

Supports disabled images                      No                     Yes

Supports flat look                            No                     Yes

Supports customizable margins                 No                     Yes

Supports a control in the top-right corner    No                     Yes

Supports a gradient background                No                     Yes

Supports an image background                  No                     Yes

17.68.1.TabFolder/TabItem vs. CTabFolder/CTabItem
17.68.2.Creating a CTabFolder
17.68.3.Add CTabItem to CTabFolderAdd CTabItem to CTabFolder
17.68.4.Add Image to CTabFolderAdd Image to CTabFolder
17.68.5.Set CTabFolder Minimize and Maximize VisibleSet CTabFolder Minimize and Maximize Visible
17.68.6.Add CTabFolder2Adapter to CTabFolderAdd CTabFolder2Adapter to CTabFolder
17.68.7.Displaying a Gradient BackgroundDisplaying a Gradient Background
17.68.8.Add CTabFolder2ListenerAdd CTabFolder2Listener