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  1. org.eclipse.widgets.Widget class is the top-level class of all the UI components in SWT/JFace.
  2. A Widget can be created and disposed of, and it is capable of issuing notifications to listeners when events occur.
  3. The Constructor: public Widget(Widget parent, int style)
  4. Almost all kinds of UI components in SWT/JFace have similar constructors as this one.

17.2.1.Set Control SizeSet Control Size
17.2.2.The Widget Class
17.2.3.Get Widget StyleGet Widget Style
17.2.4.Widget can be disposed: addDisposeListener(DisposeListener listener)Widget can be disposed: addDisposeListener(DisposeListener listener)
17.2.5.Control Size and locationControl Size and location
17.2.6.Set BoundsSet Bounds
17.2.7.Set Location and SizeSet Location and Size
17.2.8.Control: set a background image (a dynamic gradient)Control: set a background image (a dynamic gradient)
17.2.9.Inherit a background color or imageInherit a background color or image
17.2.10.Setting Widget boundsSetting Widget bounds
17.2.11.Compute Widget SizeCompute Widget Size
17.2.12.Get Preferred sizeGet Preferred size
17.2.13.Relative position to ControlRelative position to Control
17.2.14.Relative position to DisplayRelative position to Display
17.2.15.Add ControlListener to controlAdd ControlListener to control