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SWT provides implementations of every listener interface that has more than one method. The names of these classes end in Adapter.

Listener         Description                          Event                 Adapter              

ArmListener      Listens for arm events               ArmEvent              None

ControlListener  Listens for move and resize events   ControlEvent          ControlAdapter

DisposeListener  Listens for dispose events           DisposeEvent          None

FocusListener    Listens for focus gained and         FocusEvent            FocusAdapter
                 lost events
HelpListener     Listens for help requests            HelpEvent             None

KeyListener      Listens for key presses and          KeyEvent              KeyAdapter

MenuListener     Listens for menu events              MenuEvent             MenuAdapter

ModifyListener   Listens for text modifications       ModifyEvent           None

MouseListener    Listens for mouse button presses     MouseEvent            MouseAdapter

MouseMoveListener Listens for mouse movements         MouseEvent            None

MouseTrackListener Listens for when the mouse         MouseEvent            MouseTrackAdapter
                   enters, exits, or hovers over a control  

PaintListener    Listens for paint events             PaintEvent            None

SelectionListener Listens for selection events        SelectionEvent        SelectionAdapter
                  (for example, button clicks)  

ShellListener     Listens for shell events            ShellEvent            ShellAdapter

TraverseListener  Listens for traverse events         TraverseEvent         None

TreeListener      Listens for tree events             TreeEvent             TreeAdapter

VerifyListener    Listens for, and potentially        VerifyEvent           None
                  intercepts, text modifications

17.89.SWT Event
17.89.2.The Event ModelThe Event Model
17.89.3.The listener notification processThe listener notification process
17.89.4.SWT provides two kinds of event listening mechanism: typed and untyped.SWT provides two kinds of event listening mechanism: typed and untyped.
17.89.5.Untyped Events and Untyped Event ListenersUntyped Events and Untyped Event Listeners
17.89.6.Introducing Untyped Listeners
17.89.7.Get event typeGet event type
17.89.8.implements general Event Listenerimplements general Event Listener
17.89.9.Introducing Typed Listeners
17.89.10.Typed Listeners
17.89.11.SWT Message Keys and Values
17.89.12.Using SelectionListenerUsing SelectionListener
17.89.13.Add Resize listener to ShellAdd Resize listener to Shell
17.89.14.Add addPaintListener to CompositeAdd addPaintListener to Composite
17.89.15.Add default selection listener to ComboAdd default selection listener to Combo
17.89.16.Using HelpListenerUsing HelpListener
17.89.17.Demonstrate DisposeListener which is notified on the associated widget's disposal
17.89.18.Using ControlListenerUsing ControlListener
17.89.19.Using FocusListenerUsing FocusListener
17.89.20.Using VerifyListenerUsing VerifyListener
17.89.21.Using ModifyListenerUsing ModifyListener
17.89.22.Adding AccessibleListenerAdding AccessibleListener
17.89.23.Adding AccessibleControlListenerAdding AccessibleControlListener
17.89.24.Add and remove filter listenersAdd and remove filter listeners