DatabaseMetaData Methods for Information on the Database's Supported Features : DatabaseMetadata « Database « Java Tutorial

  1. boolean supportsAlterTableWithAddColumn();
  2. boolean supportsAlterTableWithDropColumn();
  3. boolean supportsColumnAliasing();
  4. boolean nullPlusNonNullIsNull();
  5. boolean supportsConvert();
  6. boolean supportsConvert(int fromType, int toType);
  7. boolean supportsTableCorrelationNames();
  8. boolean supportsDifferentTableCorrelationNames();
  9. boolean supportsExpressionsInOrderBy();
  10. boolean supportsOrderByUnrelated();
  11. boolean supportsGroupBy();
  12. boolean supportsGroupByUnrelated();
  13. boolean supportsGroupByBeyondSelect();
  14. boolean supportsLikeEscapeClause();
  15. boolean supportsMultipleResultSets();
  16. boolean supportsMultipleTransactions();
  17. boolean supportsNonNullableColumns();
  18. boolean supportsMinimumSQLGrammar();
  19. boolean supportsCoreSQLGrammar();
  20. boolean supportsExtendedSQLGrammar();
  21. boolean supportsANSI92EntryLevelSQL();
  22. boolean supportsANSI92IntermediateSQL();
  23. boolean supportsANSI92FullSQL();
  24. boolean supportsIntegrityEnhancementFacility();
  25. boolean supportsOuterJoins();
  26. boolean supportsFullOuterJoins();
  27. boolean supportsLimitedOuterJoins();
  28. String getSchemaTerm();
  29. String getProcedureTerm();
  30. String getCatalogTerm();
  31. boolean isCatalogAtStart();
  32. String getCatalogSeparator();
  33. boolean supportsSchemasInDataManipulation();
  34. boolean supportsSchemasInProcedureCalls();
  35. boolean supportsSchemasInTableDefinitions();
  36. boolean supportsSchemasInIndexDefinitions();
  37. boolean supportsSchemaInPrivilegeDefinitions();
  38. boolean supportsCatalogsInDataManipulation();
  39. boolean supportsCatalogsInProcedureCalls();
  40. boolean supportsCatalogsInTableDefinitions();
  41. boolean supportsCatalogsInIndexDefinitions();
  42. boolean supportsCatalogsInPrivilegeDefinitions();
  43. boolean supportsPositionedDelete();
  44. boolean supportsPositionedUpdate();
  45. boolean supportsSelectForUpdate();
  46. boolean supportsStoredProcedures();
  47. boolean supportsSubqueriesInComparisons();
  48. boolean supportsSubqueriesInExists();
  49. boolean supportsSubqueriesInIns();
  50. boolean supportsSubqueriesInQuantifieds();
  51. boolean supportsCorrelatedSubqueries();
  52. boolean supportsUnion();
  53. boolean supportsUnionAll();
  54. boolean supportsOpenCursorAcrossCommit();
  55. boolean supportsOpenCursorAcrossRollback();
  56. boolean supportsOpenStatementAcrossCommit();
  57. boolean supportsOpenStatementAcrossRollback();

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