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  1. java.sql.SQLException extends the java.lang.Exception class
  2. java.sql.SQLException is a core JDBC exception class that provides information about database access errors and other errors. Most of the JDBC API methods throw SQLException.
  3. java.sql.BatchUpdateException: a BatchUpdateException provides the update counts for all commands that were executed successfully during the batch update.
  4. java.sql.DataTruncation reports a DataTruncation warning (on reads) or throws a DataTruncation exception (on writes) when JDBC unexpectedly truncates a data value.
  5. java.sql.SQLWarning provides information about database access warnings.

20.27.SQLException Warning
20.27.1.Exceptions in JDBC
20.27.2.java.sql.SQLException Methods
20.27.3.Extracting Information from SQLException
20.27.4.Get the Details of a SQLException
20.27.5.Chaining SQLExceptions
20.27.6.Determine Whether a SQL Warning Has Occurred
20.27.7.Check for a warning using a Connection object
20.27.8.Checking for a Warning Using a Statement Object
20.27.9.Checking for a Warning Using a ResultSet Object
20.27.10.Using SQLWarning
20.27.11.Check for a SQL Warning Using PreparedStatement
20.27.12.Print the stack trace for a SQLException to STDERR.
20.27.13.Print warnings on a Connection to STDERR.
20.27.14.Print warnings on a Connection to a specified PrintWriter.
20.27.15.Use JDBC Chained Exception