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The following table lists the Select annotation elements.

sql or valueStringThe SQL statement to be executed
tableNameStringThe name of the table that will be updated when the DataSet.sync method is called
readOnlybooleanIndicates the returned DataSet is read-only
connectedbooleanIndicates if the DataSet is connected to the data source
allColumnsMappedbooleanIndicates if there is a one-to-one mapping between the column names in the SQL statement and the fields in the returned DataSet
scrollablebooleanIndicates if the returned DataSet is scrollable. This element only takes effect only when in connected mode.

import java.sql.BaseQuery;
import java.sql.DataSet;
import java.sql.Select;
public interface UserQueries extends BaseQuery {

    // Select all users
    @Select (sql ="SELECT userId, firstName, lastName FROM Users",
             readOnly=false, connected=false, tableName="Users")
    DataSet<User> getAllUsers ();

    // Select user by name */
    @Select (sql ="SELECT userId, firstName, lastName FROM Users"
             + "WHERE userName=?", readOnly=false, connected=false,
             tableName ="Users")
    DataSet<User> getUserByName(String userName);


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