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Connection.setTransactionIsolation (level)
JDBC Defined ConstantDescription
TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTEDAllows dirty reads, non-repeatable reads, and phantom reads to occur.
TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTEDEnsures only committed data can be read.
TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READIs close to being "serializable," however, "phantom" reads are possible.
TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLEDirty reads, non-repeatable reads, and phantom reads are prevented. Serializable.

A "phantom" read occurs when one transaction reads all rows that satisfy a WHERE condition, and a second transaction inserts a row that satisfies that WHERE condition, the first transaction then rereads for the same condition, retrieving the additional "phantom" row in the second read. (from book: JDBC Recipes A Problem-Solution Approach)

In addition, JDBC defines an additional constant, TRANSACTION_NONE, which is used to indicate that the driver does not support transactions.

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