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JDBC is a set of programming APIs that allows easy connection to a wide range of databases (especially relational databases) through Java programs. (JDBC Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by Mahmoud Parsian Apress 2005)

The following are core JDBC classes, interfaces, and exceptions in the java.sql package:

  1. DriverManager
  2. Connection
  3. Statement
  4. PreparedStatement
  5. CallableStatement
  6. ResultSet
  7. SQLException

20.1.JDBC Driver
20.1.1.What is JDBC?
20.1.2.What is a JDBC Driver?
20.1.3.Loading a JDBC Driver: Using Class.forName()
20.1.4.Using DriverManager.registerDriver()
20.1.5.To test a JDBC driver installation using Oracle
20.1.6.To test a JDBC driver installation using MySQL