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<%@ page language="java" %>
    <H1>Quadratic Equation: y = x^2</H1>
      <TABLE BORDER="1">
          for (int i=0; i<10; i++)
            out.print("<TR><TD WIDTH='100'>" + i + "</TD><TD WIDTH='100'>" + (i*i) + "</TD></TR>");

23.1.1.A Web Page with JSP code
23.1.2.JSP code tag
23.1.3.Using a Literal
23.1.4.Prints a conversion table of miles per gallon to kilometers per liter
23.1.5.ASCII Table
23.1.6.Divide jsp page to several parts
23.1.7.Output HTML tags
23.1.8.Selected System Properties
23.1.9.Output Selected System Properties in a table
23.1.10.Page session false
23.1.11.Single-line Java comments are copied to the generated servlet
23.1.12.Declaration Tag Example
23.1.13.Declaration Tag - Methods
23.1.14.Multiple Declaration
23.1.15.Mix Jsp code with HTML tags
23.1.16.Embedding Code
23.1.17.Use out
23.1.18.Jsp page without Java code
23.1.19.Jsp page with XML namespace