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assertNotNull([String message], java.lang.Object object)

Asserts that the given object is null (or not null), failing otherwise. The message is optional.

import junit.framework.TestCase;

public class TestLargest extends TestCase {
  public TestLargest(String name) {

  public void testEmpty() {
      assertNull("it should be null", null);


39.5.1.Ensure that they are equal
39.5.2.assertEquals([String message],expected,actual)
39.5.3.assertEquals([String message],expected,actual,tolerance)
39.5.4.assertNull([String message], java.lang.Object object)
39.5.5.assertSame([String message], expected, actual)
39.5.6.assertNotSame([String message], expected, actual)
39.5.7.assertTrue([String message], boolean condition)
39.5.8.assertFalse([String message], boolean condition)