>= (Greater Than or Equal) : Relational Operators « Operators « JavaScript Tutorial

    <script language="JavaScript">
    str = new String("95");
    if(str >= 44)
      document.write("95 is greater than or equal to 44");
      document.write("Returned FALSE!");

2.9.Relational Operators
2.9.1.Equal and Not Equal
2.9.2.Equal Operator
2.9.3.A Comparison Operator returns boolean variable
2.9.4.!= (Not Equal)
2.9.5.Identically Equal and Not Identically Equal
2.9.6.not identically equal operator
2.9.7.!== (Non-Identity)
2.9.8.< (Less Than)
2.9.10.> (Greater Than)
2.9.11.>= (Greater Than or Equal)