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Read FromOperatorOperator Name
Left to Right.Object property access
Left to Right[]Array index
Left to Right()Function call
Right to Left++Pre/Post Increment
Right to Left--Pre/Post Decrement
Right to Left-Negation
Right to Left~Bitwise NOT
Right to Left!Logical NOT
Right to LeftdeleteUndefine a property
Right to LeftnewCreate a new object
Right to LefttypeofReturn data type
Right to LeftvoidReturn undefined value
Left to Right*, /, %Multiplication, division, modulus
Left to Right+, -Addition, Subtraction
Left to Right+String concatenation
Left to Right<<Left shift
Left to Right>>Right shift with sign
Left to Right>>>Right shift zero fill
Left to Right<, <=Less than, less than or equal
Left to Right>, >=Greater than, greater than or equal
Left to Right==Equality
Left to Right!=Inequality
Left to Right===Identity
Left to Right!==Non-identity
Left to Right&Bitwise AND
Left to Right^Bitwise XOR
Left to Right|Bitwise OR
Left to Right&&Logical AND
Left to Right||Logical OR
Right to Left?:Conditional
Right to Left=Assignment
Right to Left*=, /=Assignment plus operation %=, +=, -=, <<=, >>=, >>>=, &=, ^=, |=
Left to Right.Multiple evaluation

2.14.Operator Precedence
2.14.1.Operator Precedence from highest to lowest
2.14.2.Operator order in action