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You can check which roles have been granted to a user by querying user_role_privs. A user who creates a role is also granted that role by default.

SQL> desc user_role_privs;
 Name                  Type              Description
 USERNAME                    VARCHAR2(30) --Name of the user to whom the role has been granted.
 GRANTED_ROLE                VARCHAR2(30) --Name of the role granted to the user.
 ADMIN_OPTION                VARCHAR2(3)  --Whether the user is able to grant the role to another user or role. Equal to YES or NO.
 DEFAULT_ROLE                VARCHAR2(3)  --Whether the role is enabled by default when the user connects to the database. Equal to YES or NO.
 OS_GRANTED                  VARCHAR2(3)  --Whether the role was granted by the operating system.

SELECT * FROM user_role_privs;

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