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1.28.1.Question: How to make the object eligible for garbage collection.
1.28.2.Answer: make object eligible for garbage collection.
1.28.3.Question: What is the range of values for type short?
1.28.4.Answer: short type value range
1.28.5.Question: What is the range of values for type byte?
1.28.6.Answer: byte type value range
1.28.7.Question: What is the range for type int?
1.28.8.Answer: int type value range
1.28.9.Question: what is the range for a long type variable
1.28.10.Anwser: range for long type value
1.28.11.Question: Importing slightly increases compilation time(True/False).
1.28.12.Answer: compilation time and importation
1.28.13.Question: Importing is strictly a compile-time function(True/False).
1.28.14.Answer: Importing and compile-time function
1.28.15.What is the range of values that can be stored in a short primitive variable?
1.28.16.Answer: short value range
1.28.17.What is the output of trying to compile the class and execute the following code?
1.28.18.Answer: equalsIgnoreCase
1.28.19.What is the correct way to initialize the array s?
1.28.20.Answer: array initialization
1.28.21.What is the output for the following code?
1.28.22.Answer: String array
1.28.23.What is the output from the following code(hexadecimal literal)?
1.28.24.Answer: hexadecimal literal
1.28.25.What is the output from the following code from command line?
1.28.26.Answer: reference main method parameter
1.28.27.What happens when you attempt to compile and run the following code(shifting long type variable)?
1.28.28.Answer: shifting long type variable
1.28.29.Given the following code fragment, what will happen when you try to compile and run the showSmall method?
1.28.30.Answer: parameter
1.28.31.Which logical operator should replace X
1.28.32.Answer: logical operator
1.28.33.What happens when you try to compile and run the following code(float)?
1.28.34.Answer: float point value calculation  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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