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import java.awt.Button;

public class MainClass {

  public static void main() {
    Button btn = new Button("Pink");


  public static void changeMe(Button replaceMe) {
    replaceMe = new Button("Blue");


1.25.1.A method's parameter list is a comma-separated list of parameter declarations.
1.25.2.A parameter may be declared as final so that it may be accessed from within a local inner class.
1.25.3.When a primitive value is passed to a method, a copy of the value is made
1.25.4.When an object is passed to a method, a copy of the object reference but not the object itself is made
1.25.5.When an value argument is passed into a method, changes to the argument value in the method do not affect the original.
1.25.6.Create a Reference to a Primitive
1.25.7.Changing the object reference in a method
1.25.8.Calling method operates on an object via the reference value
1.25.9.Passing Object Reference Variables
1.25.10.Passing Primitive Variables