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A. MyClass must have a correctly formed main() method.
B. MyClass must be defined in the file
C. MyClass must be defined in the MyClass package.
D. MyClass must be imported.

1.33.1.What is the printed double type value
1.33.2.Answer: double type member value
1.33.3.Can you force garbage collection of an object?
1.33.4.Answer: forced garbage collection
1.33.5.Can you call System.gc() to force a garbage collection of an object
1.33.6.Answer: using System.gc() to force a garbage collection
1.33.7.Which of the following are legal(double value declaration)?
1.33.8.Answer: double value declaration
1.33.9.Which of the following are legal(char variable declaration)?
1.33.10.Answer: char variable declaration
1.33.11.When will the null object be garbage collected.
1.33.12.Answer: readyness for garbage collection
1.33.13.Which of the following are true(method primitive type parameter)?
1.33.14.Answer: method primitive type parameter
1.33.15.Which of the following are true(parameters passing)?
1.33.16.Answer: parameters passing
1.33.17.In order for the public class MyClass to successfully compile?
1.33.18.Answer: public class
1.33.19.In order to successfully compile a source code file, containing the public class Test
1.33.20.Answer: public class(2)
1.33.21.In order for the MyClass to be compiled and run, which of the following must be true?
1.33.22.Answer: public class and runnable
1.33.23.A package statement must appear as the first non-blank(non-comments) line, if it is included in a source code file(True/False).
1.33.24.Answer: package statement
1.33.25.A public interface must have the same name as the source code file(True/False).
1.33.26.Answer: public interface
1.33.27.If an import statement must appear as the first non-blank(non-comment) line(True/False).
1.33.28.Answer: importing
1.33.29.What is the output(main method parameter)?
1.33.30.Answer: main method parameter index
1.33.31.Non-static field variables exist when the object is created and exist until the object is garbage collected(True/False).
1.33.32.Answer: static field and garbage collecting
1.33.33.Static field variables come into existence when the its class is loaded(True/False).
1.33.34.Answer: static field loading
1.33.35.Which of the following declare an array of String objects?
1.33.36.Answer: array declaration