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Modifier         Class              Variable            Method       Constructor       

public           yes                yes                 yes          yes               

protected        no                 yes                 yes          yes
default(empty)   yes                yes                 yes          yes
private          no                 yes                 yes          yes
final            yes                yes                 yes          no
abstract         yes                no                  yes          no
static           no                 yes                 yes          no
native           no                 no                  yes          no
transient        no                 yes                 no           no
volatile         no                 yes                 no           no
synchronized     no                 no                  yes          no

3.1.Access Modifiers
3.1.1.Three access modifiers: public, protected, and private. Four access levels: public, protected, default, and private.
3.1.2.You can have at most one access modifier.
3.1.3.Can access modifiers be applied to local variables? NO!
3.1.4.All Possible Combinations of Features and Modifiers
3.1.5.Determining Access to Class Members
3.1.6.The order in which modifiers appear in a declaration is not important.