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interface MyInterface{
   public void aMethod();

class MyClass implements MyInterface{


A.      The class will not compile.
B.      The class will compile if it is declared public.
C.      The class will compile if it is declared abstract.
D.      The class may not be instantiated.

3.16.1.Which is/are true?
3.16.2.Answer: interface and implementation
3.16.3.Which of the following may be declared final?
3.16.4.Answer: final class, method, and field
3.16.5.Which of the following may follow the static keyword?
3.16.6.Answer: static class, method and field
3.16.7.Which access modes may apply to B's version of doSomething()?
3.16.8.Answer: access modifier and inheritance
3.16.9.Any instance of Y may call the aMethod() method of any other instance of Y (True/False)
3.16.10.Answer: access modifier and multi-package
3.16.11.A final class may not be extended (true/false)
3.16.12.Answer: final and extension
3.16.13.What is the output(static instance)?
3.16.14.Answer: static instance