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Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem: 
	Cannot switch on a value of type boolean. Only int values or enum constants are permitted

	at MainClass.main(
The case values must evaluate to integer values during compilation. 
Second case should follow the default label.

5.16.1.What is the output of the following code(nested for loop and continue statement)?
5.16.2.Answer: nested for loop and continue statement
5.16.3.What is the output from the following code(continue statement with label)?
5.16.4.Answer: continue statement with label
5.16.5.Is it a legal loop constructions for while statement?
5.16.6.Answer: while loop
5.16.7.Is it a legal loop constructions for while statement(int)?
5.16.8.Answer: while loop counter
5.16.9.Is it a legal loop constructions(for loop)?
5.16.10.Answer: for loop variable
5.16.11.Is it a legal do-while statement
5.16.12.Answer: do while statement
5.16.13.What would be the output from this code fragment?
5.16.14.Answer: nested if statement
5.16.15.What is the output from the following switch statement?
5.16.16.Answer: using switch statement
5.16.17.What is the output(multi-throw and multi-catch)?
5.16.18.Answer: multi-throw and multi-catch
5.16.19.What is the output(Error and catch statement)?
5.16.20.Answer: Error and catch statement
5.16.21.How to run the following code to enable assertation?
5.16.22.Answer: assert enabling
5.16.23.Change the following code to use enhanced for loop
5.16.24.Answer: enhanced for loop
5.16.25.Is it a legal statement: for (int i=0, j=1; i<10; i++, j++)
5.16.26.Answer: for loop initialization
5.16.27.Is it a legal statement: for (int i=0, j=1;; i++, j++)
5.16.28.Answer: for statement and initialization
5.16.29.Is it a legal statement: for (int i=0, float j=1; ; i++, j++)
5.16.30.Answer: for loop and initialization
5.16.31.Is it a legal statement: for (String s = ""; s.length()<10; s += "A")
5.16.32.Answer: for loop and string loop counter
5.16.33.What is the output(try-catch statement)?
5.16.34.Answer: try-catch statement
5.16.35.Is it a legal statement: while (int a = 0) { /*...*/ }
5.16.36.Answer: while loop count
5.16.37.Which of the following are legal argument types for a switch statement?
5.16.38.Answer: swtich controller variable
5.16.39.What is wrong with the following if statement?
5.16.40.Answer: if statement
5.16.41.What is wrong with the following switch statement?
5.16.42.Answer: switch statement and integer
5.16.43.What is wrong with the following for statement?
5.16.44.Answer: for loop initialization part
5.16.45.What is wrong with the following statement?
5.16.46.Answer: while statement