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class MyThread extends Thread {
   MyThread() {

 public void run() {
     try {
     } catch (InterruptedException e) { }

 public static void main(String args[]) {
     MyThread p1 = new MyThread();
     MyThread p2 = new MyThread();
     MyThread p3 = new MyThread();
   A. The code will not compile, because exceptions cannot be caught in a thread's run() method.
   B. Execution will resume in, at most, 100 milliseconds.
   C. Execution will resume running in exactly 100 milliseconds.
   D. Execution will resume running some time after 100 milliseconds have elapsed.

7.10.1.What is the output(Runnable interface and thread)?
7.10.2.Answer: Runnable interface and thread
7.10.3.For the following code, all three threads will execute concurrently, taking time-sliced turns in the CPU(True/False).
7.10.4.Answer: Thread and CPU time
7.10.5.A thread can call the yield() method on the second thread to make a second thread ineligible for execution (True/False).
7.10.6.Answer: thread yield method
7.10.7.Which one of the following statements is correct?
7.10.8.Answer: thread and priority
7.10.9.Can you notify Thread1 in among 10 waiting threads so that it alone moves from the Waiting state to the Ready state?
7.10.10.Answer: thread and notify
7.10.11.What is the output
7.10.12.Answer: thread and run method
7.10.13.A Java monitor class must either extend Thread or implement Runnable(True/False).
7.10.14.Answer: monitor class
7.10.15.Every thread starts executing with a priority of 5(True/False).
7.10.16.Answer: thread and priority 5
7.10.17.Threads inherit their priority from their parent thread(True/False).
7.10.18.Answer: thread priority and inheritance
7.10.19.Threads are guaranteed to run with the priority set by setPriority() method(True/False).
7.10.20.Answer: set priority
7.10.21.Thread priority is an integer ranging from 1 to 100(True/False).
7.10.22.Answer: priority range
7.10.23.How to start the following thread
7.10.24.Answer: starting a thread
7.10.25.Which of the following methods are static methods of the Thread class?
7.10.26.Answer: static thread method
7.10.27.Which of the following statements is true after an application executes the following line:
7.10.28.Answer: thread priority
7.10.29.Which of the following statements about the wait method from Object class are true?
7.10.30.Answer: wait and object
7.10.31.Which of the following methods are instance not-deprecated methods of the Thread class?
7.10.32.Answer: deprecated thread methods