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Imports System
Imports System.Globalization

Public Class SamplesCompareInfo

   Public Shared Sub Main()
      Dim myStr1 As [String] = "this"
      Dim myStr2 As [String] = "is"
      Dim myXfix As [String] = "th"

      ' Uses the CompareInfo property of the InvariantCulture.
      Dim myComp As CompareInfo = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.CompareInfo

      ' Determines whether myXfix is a prefix of "calle" and "llegar".
      Console.WriteLine("IsPrefix( {0}, {1} ) : {2}", myStr1, myXfix, myComp.IsPrefix(myStr1, myXfix))
      Console.WriteLine("IsPrefix( {0}, {1} ) : {2}", myStr2, myXfix, myComp.IsPrefix(myStr2, myXfix))

      ' Determines whether myXfix is a suffix of "calle" and "llegar".
      Console.WriteLine("IsSuffix( {0}, {1} ) : {2}", myStr1, myXfix, myComp.IsSuffix(myStr1, myXfix))
      Console.WriteLine("IsSuffix( {0}, {1} ) : {2}", myStr2, myXfix, myComp.IsSuffix(myStr2, myXfix))

   End Sub

End Class

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